How To Rank 
Any Telegram Channel in 2022

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Many think the one who has more subscribers only will rank, but that is not the truth!  Follow these 6 Criteria and rank your Telegram Channel.

SEO Friendly

To Make Your Telegram Channel SEO Friendly make sure that your Telegram Channel's Title and Description have that specific "Keyword"  for which you wanna rank.

Content Usename Relation

Your username should be related to your keyword that will boost your Telegram channel SEO and hence an important factor for Telegram Channel ranking.

Age - Life

Many think that they will create a channel with fake subscribers then original and their channel will rank on Top! That very False, "Age and Life of Telegram Channel Mattes the Most!"

Only Legal Content

Your channel should be legalized, have legal content, and should not possess any reportings cause that's the reason why most channels face downfall.

Active Users

Even if your channel have fake subscribers but no organic viewer then your channel will become dead very soon, to promote your channel to get real  active susbcribers- 


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