What Is Mdisk Telegram Smart Ad Platform [Multi Earning]

Earning From Mdisk Telegram Channel Promotion

When you click on “Your Channel” this will ask, please enter the CPM promoted in your channel means here it’s asking that the channel you are adding how much will you be charging from others.

Here others have kept a CPM for their channel around- $3, $2, $0.7, or even $1000. So here if you ask how much will you charge, so here I will charge $1 for 1000 views.

Now it will ask you to give your telegram channel’s link, link here you have to give it in the username format how you can find that? your channel should be public let’s say my channel Cheap Deals Offer if you haven’t you can join it.

  • Copy its link and go to the Mdisk telegram smart ad platform and will paste it there, hereafter t.me (https://t.me/cheapdealsoffers) there is a / so you will delete everything before / add @ and click on send (@cheapdealsoffers).
  • Since it hasn’t sent any notification so I will restart the process again, sometimes there could be this issue so restart. So now if you face any error you will click on start bot and everything will restart and work fine
  • Now it’s saying to make this Mdisk Telegram bot an admin, so now we will copy the username of this smart ad platform bot. Now the channel you have added to the list you have to make this bot admin there.
  • Now we will go to Cheap Deals offer and go to administrator then go to add as admin click on search and add this bot as admin here.
  • So now this our bot is finally added here, now we will again go to the smart ad platform and repeat the process.
  • Now I have received the message as add new channel successfully, which means if you are the owner of that channel then only you can add that channel for listing here.
  • So now if I check I have here 13k subscribers and how you can add ad that I show you so here as you can see our channel “Cheap Deals Offer” is also presented here, now click on buy ad placement.
  • So as you click on buy now this will ask the budget which you wanna give, so the CPM budget here is $1 for any other channel you see (means for $1 you will get 1000 views means if you use this channel to post your ads then for $1 you will get 1000 views).
  • Enter the budget for promotion (means the budget you want to give for example if you want 2000 views and for $1 you will get 1000 views, and for 2000 I’ll get $2)
  • Suppose you buy 1000 views now.
  • Enter the ad content where you want to promote the channel (content means the channel which you wanna promote, so give your channel’s link in the content you can give any ad)
  • You will see the message Advertisement submitted successfully.
  • Basically, this notification will go to the owner of the channel since I am the owner so I received the message that if I approve this ad within 30 mins that means I agree!
  • After approval, our ad is now submitted and the ad run will be again showing in this channel.

So basically that’s it, and if you face any issue you can comment, there is another way that if you promote someone else channel into your but what if you have no viewers?  

Promote Telegram Channel With Zero Viewers?

So you can increase your viewer base for your telegram channel using our website “TajPanel.com” here I provide all services related to telegram.

Show you the new orders and if you wanna increase your views for your channel so here you will go in categories. All Telegram channel services are available here.

Telegram Channel Promotion HACK

And if we see Telegram Post Views LAST it costs only Rs 2 for which you will get 1000 views! for instance, if we add 1000 views so you can get that for Rs 2 only that’s the HACK!

So if you get any ad you can purchase views from here and generate profit because you are earning $1 from Mdisk Telegram Channel Promotion but spending only Rs 2 for 1000 views.

Basically, this is a hack you can get Telegram subscribers it will be much better for you. You can use Taj Panel for multiple purposes like Youtube+Telegram+Instagram+Facebook+Twitter likes, and views you can get since all these are working fine you can use them.

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So this is how you can use Mdisk Telegram Smart Ad Platform for multi earning, you can join DNT on our social media handles, and check our website for regular updates.



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