[WORKING] How To Unbanned WhatsApp Number 2023

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Worried that your WhatsApp is Banned, here is the solution on How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023, the guide [WORKING] How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023…

If you exhausted finding the solution for your WhatsApp ban don’t worry you have come to the right place this article will be about How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023 and the reasons behind why your WhatsApp ban, don’t worry as mine has been got 5-7 Months back but I recovered it in 6 hours!

 I will be sharing the whole procedure. This one will be on the whole exclusive trick itself. I have been made 2 videos earlier, already.  But still, a lot of people out of you were getting into trouble while urban or understanding How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023 and what reasons are likely to be responsible for their WhatsApp ban. Also in this article, I will let you know what not to do on WhatsApp.

How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2022, unban whatsapp 2022

So you must read the article completely so that you don’t miss out on something or then you may not be able to understand the How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023 trick then your WhatsApp won’t unban and you will comment down trick didn’t work.

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Random people shall approach you claiming should they do it for money in the comment section. So it is better to read the article watch the video completely and prevent yourself from these scams up to 500 Rupee to 700 Rupee.

The whole process will be performed by you on a smartphone, you do not have to pay someone. I will let you know how I could able to unban my WhatsApp, with enough proof. First of all, I will show you what mails I sent and what was the procedure took by mine, with proper proof. After this I will perform the whole procedure right here then there will be a conclusion for what not to do or avoid on WhatsApp.

Primarily, let me show you the proof this is the screenshot I took while my WhatsApp was banned. As you can see here “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp, Contact support for help” If we check their details when did they come into existence?

So this screenshot was taken on 5th January 2023 at 9:29 pm. Then I mailed them Let me show the mail content I sent to WhatsApp officials, in sent mails here, I sent them a few details at 9:40 pm on the same night. As per the time on the screenshot, I mailed them in a minute this all was the content of the mail.

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You will receive a reply mail in some time you mailed them. If I skew the reply mail content, it will be like “Thank you for your message. We understand you’re currently unable to access WhatsApp.” Then your WhatsApp is recovered (unbanned) you will receive another mail. “Hey, thank you for the message. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused”.

They have done on their side as “To ensure access please re-verify your number with our official client”. You will receive a verification mail. From how many differences from the previous one, let’s see. We received the previous one at 09:44 pm on the same night.

The mail to inform unban was received at 03:55 am on the 6th of January. So within about 6 hours my WhatsApp got urban and received the mail for the same. Now we will move toward how would you unban your number?

15 Simple Steps Unban WhatsApp Number 

Step By Step Procedure

  1. Open your WhatsApp’s “App info” and then “Storage and data”. In the case of redmi or xiaomi phones, there is a “Clear data” button on the bottom right corner.
  2. You have cleared all data there is nothing to leave behind. All your chats, conversation, and data on WhatsApp will have been wiped off now, If you don’t do it, this data will be shown to them and they will catch what’s wrong was with your account. In this way, they would never know what happened to this and your WhatsApp will be unbanned.
  3. Open WhatsApp, tap on “Agree and continue”.
  4. Provide your number.
  5. I will enter here a banned one of mine as an example suppose it’s your number. When you hit “Continue”, it will show you something like this. “Your number is banned from WhatsApp”.
  6. Here you have to press “support”.
  7. Here you see “Describe your problem” and “send screenshot” tabs.
  8. You have to keep a screenshot of the notification for your banned number, Okay! Next, you have to copy-paste the script (given down).
  9. “Describe your problem” tab in WhatsApp. Just replace the name and phone number given with yours in the script.
  10. After pasting the script to the “Describe your problem” tab.
  11. Select the screenshot of the banned notification from the gallery which you took while signing in on WhatsApp with the banned number.
  12. Click on the Next button.
  13. Then in appeared interface click on “This doesn’t answer my question” and choose “GMAIL” then.
  14. And remember the Gmail account you use here must be fresh, you haven’t used it ever before in all this. If you logged in to multiple Gmail accounts you will see the option to choose among them here. If this is the first time when your WhatsApp is banned or having a single Gmail account logged in, then there is no issue. You may send it as it is there already as a template in the message body.
  15. Click on the “Send” button then.

So that’s it!  

Important Steps of How To Unbanned Whatsapp Number 2023

  1. You must remember to clear the data of the app first of all.
  2. Secondly, you have to enter your phone number and take a Screenshot of the notification then click support.
  3. Then copy-paste the script in “Describe problem” and select screenshot.
  4. Then send the mail.
  5. Within minutes you will receive a reply- “I am here to reverify you…”.
  6. If your WhatsApp is unbanned you will receive an email in 6 to 24 hours “That your WhatsApp is recovered”
  7. When you open WhatsApp you will see unbanned account of yourself.

Let me show you my unbanned number. If I open my WhatsApp I will show you the number which got banned earlier.

I have shown you proof regarding unban of this one banned number. When we press “Next” and then press “Okay” this time see OTP verification completes. It is working indeed! This is how you could unban your number.  

Reasons for your WhatsApp Ban

Now you guys got it how to follow the procedure shown here. Let’s now understand why does it happen?

  • Your WhatsApp account is more likely to ban if you are using a business account because business accounts are more privacy policy sensitive as compared to the normal ones if you go against their policy that may lead to your WhatsApp ban. You can log in to normal WhatsApp no matter if your business account is banned. There are two WhatsApp account types, business and normal, banned businesses can log in to a normal one. Too many reasons are possible for a normal WhatsApp Ban.
  • When You have joined several WhatsApp groups and are posting there and someone reports your message there then your account will ban.
  • Otherwise, if you are broadcasting, sending spam messages, bulk posting, or using bots over there there are several reasons beyond them even.
  • If you are posting pornography, illegal, spreading hate, or even doing so if there anybody or your hater reports your message, your account will lead to a ban. So, here simply you have to keep in mind to join a useless group or where you know nobody.


Script: How to Unbanned WhatsApp Number 2023

Email Script:- Hello Sir, I Read Your Terms, Condition, And Privacy policy. I Think I Have Done Some Mistake And Violates Your Policy But From Now I Understand The Real Use Of WhatsApp. This No. is Connected To Every member Who Is Closed To Me.

Please Unbanned This Time, From Now I Will Not Violate Any Terms And Conditions So I Request You To Please Unbanned My WhatsApp No. (Your Mobile No.) This Is My Official Mobile Number And I Am Using It Since So Many Years Ago With Regards (Your Name) 


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