How To Grow YouTube Channel Like Manoj Dey in 2023

Many people join youtube and try to grow their youtube channel, didn’t get subscriber and quit cause they don’t know the right way how to grow Youtube channel and there are some who keeps on grinding but their subscriber growth remains constant, but today we will be learning how Manoj Dey Sir’s channel is growing.Manoj Dey is one of the OG YouTubers and his channel still grows many YouTubers make videos, and his subscriber base is still attached to him, how this is happening, and the secret behind how he is still growing?So today we will learn How To Grow YouTube Channel from Manoj Dey Technique. Many people are growing on Youtube!But they grow little by little, but our Manoj Dey Sir grows YouTube channel very exponentially. Whenever he started to lose his growth he uses his brain and then again his channel starts to rise I tell you the tip.

Manoj Dey Tricks To Grow YouTube Channel

Manoj Dey uses 2 tricks to grow their youtube channel and videos and how they work~As you will see now, here his channel’s graph was almost flat started to rise a little bit in September 2020 but then again started dropdown.Then again had a little growth, then again dropped down but then again his channel started to grow! Here when his channel started to go down he must have thought about what he should do to grow youtube channel, manoj dey controversy, Grow YouTube Channel, Manoj DeyBut here if you see from September – Jan 2022, both his subscriber and views were going down now if we check his channel you will observe that his videos were getting around 150k-200k views 2 months before.
  • But then just one month before from January he started to grow again “Views ka ghamand” alright!, this was a controversial topic where he never mentioned anyone’s name but everyone know that to whom Manoj Dey was targeting- Sourav Joshi Vlogs. He went to meet him, but then because of some misunderstanding some dispute happened between them, that’s why he added this’s title then again he made some videos, and again this video got 470k views.
  • In the video “Baccho Ghusao Views Badhao” basically he does something whenever his channel starts to fall, he tries to do something by which he attracts more audience.
Obviously, everyone wants even I That the video you are watching right now get more views but it’s all up to youtube. I am going to add Manoj Dey’s title and thumbnail because I am going to make a video related to Youtube.amrit adrino, how to grow youtube channel, manoj dey controversy, Grow YouTube Channel, Manoj Dey Andexactly that’s what happened!  

Grow YouTube Channel By Known Content

So what I am saying is that, if you are on YouTube then you can use 2 ways if you are working on any category. Then if you say that, bro I don’t wanna use someone else name to grow a youtube channel, then what you can do?Then you can make videos on know content, content which is known and popular very well you can make videos on that like “How to grow on Youtube” then how will someone watch your video when others have already made a video on it previously.

YouTubers Use This Method To Grow YouTube Channel

Like I am making videos but here I have taken Manoj Dey’s name but why? Because everyone knows Manoj Dey very well as he is popular and has a good subscriber base which this video will get recommended to his audience and they will also come here to see the video.Like this, you can also use your brain, whatever is your niche and the biggest creator related to it. Or any known figure related to it, like CarryMinati, when CarryMinati was starting, I show you by example when Carry used to make videos 5 years he had a thumbnail of Bhuvan Bam, and this “Everything wrong with Indian School” we know everything about Indian to grow youtube channel, manoj dey controversy, Grow YouTube Channel, Manoj DeyHe made videos on Indian Schools, in the start made videos on any known figure, taking their name or in thumbnail or title.This way your channel will definitely grow you will make content, like how I am making a video on “How to grow on Youtube”.The same thing if I teach without giving examples I won’t receive views, obviously this will get more views I can guarantee that.

Grow YouTube Channel Conclusion

So that’s how youtube work, you have to use 2 strategies: Make videos on someone else, and if required make a video on P*yal Z*ne or any controversial topic to push your dying channel, but not fully focused on that, here I am not saying to clickbait!You can use it to build connections like how CarryMinati did, in the starting phase in this way, you can grow your youtube channel.  [Watch The Video For Reference]

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