What Is Cloud Gaming | New Generation Gaming?

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Verizon, Electronic Arts, Nvidia. Each of these companies is the most successful in their particular fields and everyone is exploring technology that may change the way games made can be played and distributed, and sold.

Certain companies have made public announcements that they are experimenting — Oh, look at Google as well as Microsoft -however, others are testing their ideas in secret. Each company is at the very least trying to prevent the day when discs, downloads, and even consoles won’t be needed since you’ll be able to play games on the internet just like you stream your preferred Netflix show.

what is cloud gaming

It’s referred to as cloud gaming and it’s not something new: In the last decade, the technology has been ridiculed repeatedly due to economic and technological limitations. However, this time around seems that the stars be aligned for bringing cloud gaming to everyone.


Nowadays, you can insert the disc into your game console, or download the game’s data onto a disk. The game you play will only look as beautiful and runs as quickly as the processors within your console. Cloud gaming is where the “box” is located in a data center stuffed with servers that are miles away. 

It streams games similar to streaming on YouTube as well as a Netflix video, but as frames of compressed video frames, but the videos respond with your commands. Each time you push a button to cause your character to leap then that input is transmitted through a server remote.

The server tells the game the action you’ve taken and then gives you a brand new video frame showing the outcome. Add 30, 60, or even 70 frames per second and you’ll have the video.

That sounds… DIFFICULT. Does Any Of That Actually Work?

Yes! It’s not just at the laboratory. We’ve been testing cloud gaming options across Europe, the US, Europe, and Japan for over 10 years now and it’s just becoming simpler to enjoy games that don’t run on a device that’s in front of your eyes. 

The one editor at the Verge editor has promised to conquer the notoriously challenging Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by using only streaming services for games and is currently halfway through. Don’t just believe us on it. Below are the 15 different ways you can test streaming games on your own.

What is a STADIA?

Stadia is Google’s newest cloud-based game streaming service that launched in November which is considered to be one of the leaders in the present trend of cloud gaming due to it’s Google. In essence, Stadia is like having an online game console that is in the cloud and is accessible on any device. Consider it like Netflix is an online DVD player that is in the cloud. Stadia operates in the same manner, however, it’s designed specifically for games.

online cloud gaming console When it launches it will be possible to play on laptops and PCs equipped with the Chrome browser. It also comes with Pixel 3 as well as 3a smartphones, as well as a Chromecast Ultra dongle that plugs into the HDMI port at one side of the television. As with Netflix, it’s possible to start playing with your phone, and then transfer it to your laptop, tablet, or television once you’ve got the bigger screen. You can also do the opposite.

HOW CAN I PAY A Monthly Fee AND I ACCESS to a Library of Stadium GAMES?

Yes, but it’s even more complex than this. There are three options to achieve your goal:

  • Pay $9.99 per month for the Stadia Pro subscription which comes with a very restricted library — it’s Destiny 2 to start
  • Purchase Stadia games for the full price on top of the $9.99 per month subscription (until 2020 at which point the subscription is no longer needed)
  • Subscribe to other subscriptions (sort similar to how you can get access to HBO by Hulu) to gain access to many different games.

We’re still not certain about the number of games that will be comprised of Stadia Pro’s subscription library. Stadia Pro subscriber library, or the number of third-party providers who offer their own subscriptions and bundles in addition but Stadia is mostly about purchasing games at the moment.

Found That Quite Confusing? 

In terms of the way, games are provided to you, not necessarily the entire library of games that you’re paying for. PlayStation’s PlayStation Now cloud gaming service is somewhat like Netflix and has a huge back catalog of more than 750 PS2, PS3, and PS4 games available to play for just $20 per month or $100 per year, however, Sony does not include its brand-new massive hitters on the service.

Who else is a “FRONT-RUNNER” in CLOUD Gaming?

Microsoft. Did you hear of xCloud?

what is cloud gaming

SURE. How is XCLOUD different from STADIA?

xCloud is Microsoft’s very own streaming service. It’s competing with Google Stadia and many others. Similar to Stadia it’s also a gaming console in the cloud.

Microsoft has been putting Xbox One S consoles in datacenters to stream games onto your devices instead of rolling out massive game servers, like Google. Microsoft hasn’t released any information about how you could be able to access xCloud, however, it’s preparing to let you stream games to mobile devices in October as the first of the public trial.

WAIT, I THINK I heard that CLOUD would stream games directly from my Xbox One. Or MAYBE the upcoming Project SCARLETT CONSOLE. EXPLAIN?

Microsoft has been using old Xbox One S consoles as the basis of its cloud gaming service however Microsoft may isn’t interested in using less-powerful hardware to dictate how good xCloud games appear and feel. In the short run, Microsoft is expanding on what it’s already doing as well as something Sony PlayStation does as well that lets you stream games on your console or other devices inside the home as well as outside. 

Microsoft is calling this feature “Console Streaming” however, the terminology Microsoft used during E3 was easy to mistake with the bigger xCloud service.

what is cloud gaming

In the future, Scarlett will form part of Microsoft’s cloud service likely replacing the older Xbox One S board with the latest Scarlett boards to run the most recent games available on the future Xbox console. One benefit of using a cloud-based streaming service is that you don’t have to buy an additional box every couple of years to have updated hardware.

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